In this 信息集成经济, support professionals with advanced software skills are highly sought after by employers in a wide variety of industries.

The 安诺卡技术学院 办公软件专员 certificate program courses are designed to develop essential software skills for office professionals in programs such as: 

    • Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel和Access to 组织和操作信息 需求特别高吗.
    • microsoft PowerPoint创建动态演示文稿.
    • QuickBooks to support accounting, payroll, invoicing, reporting and more.

Program Details


The 安诺卡技术学院 办公软件专员 Certificate is a 22-credit program that prepares the graduate with strong skills in the Microsoft Office suite of software. The office software specialist is a support professional that may oversee the clerical support functions of an office, 安排会议, 监控并回复邮件, 准备好文件, reports, 使用Word和PowerPoint进行演示.

They may also create and update spreadsheet and database files using Access and Excel. Bookkeeping duties may be performed using Excel or QuickBooks. Strong software skills allow this office professional to take on many different types of responsibilities in an office. The credits earned in this program can be applied towards the 行政办公室专员 Diploma and 行政办公室专员 AAS Degree.

  1. Define and recognize business etiquette and professionalism in the workplace and exhibit these skills in class interactions and communications such as e-mail and the discussion board.
  2. 显示基本的键盘操作能力.
  3. Utilize software applications necessary for efficient office operations including file management, e-mail, calendaring, search engines, 字(词)处理技术, spreadsheet, 演示软件.
  4. Employ intermediate to advanced Microsoft Word skills to create and edit flyers, letters, 以及使用模板的报告, mail merge, 构建模块.
  5. Employ intermediate to advanced Microsoft Excel skills to use formulas and functions to create and edit worksheets, workbooks, 图表和图形, lookup tables, pivot tables, 以及业务场景中使用的图表.
  6. Employ intermediate to advanced Microsoft Access skills to practice how to plan, design, create, 然后查询数据库, 生成报告, and produce input user forms while recognizing correct database design concepts.
  7. Employ intermediate to advanced PowerPoint skills to create business presentations that demonstrate appropriate design techniques.
  8. Apply accounting principles as they pertain to business office bookkeeping scenarios. Complete an accounting simulation by applying bookkeeping functions using QuickBooks.
  9. Practice methods to integrate Office 365 software to achieve efficiency in office operations.

Microsoft Office software skills are in-demand skills for anyone interested in a career in today’s technology-focused workplace. The office software specialist employs a variety of productivity software which may include 字(词)处理技术, database, presentation, 桌面出版系统, 电子日历和会议, and bookkeeping software to support other professionals to accomplish the workflow of an office.

因为他们的技能很广泛, software specialists can perform a wide range of office responsibilities. Word能力, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are essential and can be pivotal for current employees to advance. An additional benefit is that administrative support professionals with strong productivity software skills are needed in every industry.

工资信息可从 明尼苏达州教育部 and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

这个电竞博彩公司排名中的一些课程可能需要先决条件. Please see 课程描述 欲知详情.


Fall Semester 12
 ADSC 1054  办公室记账 4
 ADSC 1162  微软演示文稿 2
 ADSC 1197  Microsoft Word 4
 COMP 1002  计算机通信技术 2
春季学期 10
ADSC 1003  介绍键盘和速度建设 2
ADSC 1142  综合软件应用
 ADSC 1171  Microsoft Excel
 ADSC 1181  Microsoft Access

学生可以选择非全日制完成本课程. Part-time students will take longer to complete their program than students who follow the full-time sequence listed on the official program guide. 因为可能不是每个学期都开设所有课程, it is important for part-time students to reach out to their faculty advisors for help in planning their long-term, 兼职课程顺序.

If you need help picking out your first semester courses, reach out to your faculty advisor or enrollment services.

学生必须获得累计2分.0 GPA or higher to be eligible for graduation from this program.




AAS degree





学生必须获得累计2分.0 GPA or higher to be eligible for graduation from this program.


Start Dates:



  10 AM to 11 AM